PACK For Manufacture and Printing Packing Materialsproducts

It is highly equipped lab working under the ASTM standards for elongation, tensile strength, seal strength, color shade spectrophotometer “x- right ” and slippery.
1) Triplex Applications of different materials as :
PET. , PET Metz, Alu. Foil , P.E , CPP for the applications of Ketchup , Powders ,Liquids , Coffee , Cosmetics Cream and Aroma Products.
2) Double layer applications of different materials as:

BOPP, BOPP Metz. , PET , P.E , CPP , BOPP Matt film for applications of Chips , Snacks , Sugar , Biscuits , Wafer and Bar soap.
3) Single and double layer Polyethylene: P.E film both white and transparent starting from 20 Mic. And up to 120 Mic. With both printing technology Rotogravure and Flexograph for applications of Detergents, Frozen foods and Handkerchief.
4) High speed film for Pasta production : combination of different films as PET, CPP, P.E and BOPP for different Pasta packages.
5) Cold seal applications with materials of : Exxon Mobil , Treofan and Ti for both single and double layer cold seal wrapping material for applications of Chocolate and Wafer wrapping.