PACK Company is one of the leading manufacturing and printing companies all and Packaging Materials where it was created in 2010
The company is characterized by: the presence of the latest production lines have a major firms a global printing machines
(Flexotecnica- Cerutti) The company is characterized by high-quality prints comparable print quality Alrotojraver super speed of 350 meters per minute to be able to achieve the requirements of customers in the product delivery speed and can print up to 8 colors, enabling it to print all the different designs where you use the latest techniques and technology to give high quality printing with the application of international quality standards to ensure the highest level of service and excellence to satisfy our customers.
We depend entirely on our expertise in understanding the needs of our customers and communicate with them, which stimulates our creativity and innovation and build successful partnerships with Amlain.
Our engineers specialize in the design and quality control